Jamaican//Bronxite//New Yorker


watermark 2

Ok, so I graduated.

WTF do I do now?!

Find a job

Yeah easier said than done


You know what…?


…Wait until the summer past

lets have some fun!

Nah nigga! You got bills to pays

Find a job or be done

You not about that street life

Stop thinking about a gun


Ok, 2 jobs?!

What can I say…?

The Jamaican in you

Shall surely have his way.


It’s been a while

No thoughts of home

So many faces forgotten

Too late to go home?


What’s going on brother?

I’m lost

Which way are you going?

Do you have a coin…?

For me to toss…?


You had a skill

Yeah I know,

Of alienate

Those I love

…Scarred childhood and all

It shows!


By your desires

I watched you

Snuff your fire!

But this time…