If you’re reading this, I want to thank you for taking a few minutes out of your time to indulge me.

In 2013, I submitted a proposal for a guided project to the Dean of Communications at my University. This project would earn me 6 credits, and it gave me the freedom to choose the topic I wanted and the media through which I would relay it. That semester I also ended up taking a photojournalism class, which made choosing photography as my media an easy one.

What you’re about to experience is life through my eyes. It’s not a bed of roses, and it’s most certainly not a slice of the pie, but it’s a perspective unique only to me.

15 years ago I migrated to New York City, and for a while I thought NYC; the five boroughs, were the extent of New York. But as I grew older that ignorance faded and I began to see the difference in the boroughs. The differences, in fact lied in the residents of these boroughs. My very prominent Jamaican accent was not the only accent I heard. Each borough differed in the way the habitants sounded and acted, but furthermore they oozed immense pride for where they were from.

As a 12 year old fresh off the boat in New York City, the Bronx was to be my new home. My sister and I arrived in NYC awaiting a very excited mother, who after showering us with her affections, proceeded to show us around our new neighborhood. It was vastly different from the life I knew in my tiny community in Jamaica. There, everyone knew each other, and asking your neighbor for a cup of sugar was commonplace. From what I had seen in the movies, my expectations of NYC and New Yorkers were not high, but upon meeting the Bronx, the welcome I felt truly made me feel at home.

Living in the Bronx I got the chance to meet many people of different backgrounds. Steven Nyugen was my first friend; he was Chinese. He introduced me to Muhammad who was from Pakistan on the basketball court. The diversity of the community was clearly noticeable, and though it was not as tightly knitted like in Jamaica, it was well woven.

AlphaPrjct started with the desire to explore and discover NYC, it has since then been reimagined a few times. Today, it will serve as a summation of my work, a hub if you will, where I can place a mat and bid you “Welcome”.



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